Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kevin's 33rd Bday

So it is my husband's 33rd birthday and I decided to make him something special.  Last year I made him a Blue Velvet Cake - compliments of Duff.  It was a show stopper.  On the outside it looked like a regular coconut cake - but the inside wowed em! 

This year not to be outdone and not having the time to make a super involved cake.  I decided to go with a rainbow layer cake that was inspired by a cake from Whisk Kid via Martha Stewart.  I figured what could be more fitting for my husband who is a big giant kid at heart.

The cake was simple to make and proved not to disappoint.  I simply made my favorite white cake recipe and divided the batter evenly into 3 bowls and added food coloring!  Believe me you'll need a lot of coloring in order to get vibrant colors.  I repeated the process again in order to get 6 perfectly even layers of cake. 

Once the cake cooled I frosted the layers with a basic buttercream recipe and crumb coated the outside of the cake.  I put the first 3 layers in the freezer to firm it up before I sandwiched the next 3 layers on top. 

I should of been more patient but with the clock hitting 10pm I wanted to go to bed.  So I didn't put the second layer in the freezer to firm up and this was a slight mistake.  The weight of the cake compressed the layers a bit more than I liked but it worked.  Next time I will freeze the layers! 

Then add a thick layer of buttercream to frost the cake--make sure you load up the frosting to give it that wow factor!  I am not a fan of frosting but this cake definitely called for it. 

I didn't add any decorations to the outside except some candles which made the cake even a bigger surprise when they cut it open!

If you don't have a lot of time but want to wow someone - go with this would be great for a kids party, coming out party, or just a fun celebration.  Enjoy!

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