Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Cakes Continued....

After making a hit with the rainbow cake for my hubby at the office.  I had to make him a cake for his actual birthday dinner.  The dinner I was planning was an homage to his 'white-trash' palate.  He simply loves plain Americana food...something I rarely relegate myself to cook.  I usually pick several fabulous dishes to show off - but this year - I decided to make things easy on myself.

He was so surprised when he came home and found out his b-day dinner was basic 'white-trash' food as I like to call it.  To start out the evening he had Deviled Eggs, Chips and Dip, some roasted tomatillo salsa (okay, so I made the salsa for me but I had to have something edible on the menu).  The main dish was  grilled burgers and all the fixins' - I made myself a veggie patty and loaded on the sprouts, onions, tomatoes, pickles, yum....My husband's was medium rare with bacon, all the cheese bacon and ketchup!  God forbid he eats something green.  There was bacon, jalapeno cheddar cheese, swiss, and as I like to call it Plastic Cheese aka American Cheese.

In addition to burgers I made him homemade baked beans---which I find absolutely repulsive!  Who makes beans then adds sugar and pork fat???  I grilled up some zucchini and portabellos for the non-carnivores and rounded out the dinner with some good ol'fashioned Tater Tots.  I think he died and went to heaven.

But dessert was the topper... A giant Smores cake. .The SMORES cake was inspired by a blog.  It was a hit.  The only thing I changed was I baked it in an 8x8 and added additional layers and whole marshmallows....I also added a TBSP of Cinnamon to the graham cracker crust then I drizzled it with chocolate syrup.  Now nothing says Americana like a slice of S'mores cake outside by the fire..

Happy Birthday Kev!  Can't wait till next year....

Kevin's 33rd Bday

So it is my husband's 33rd birthday and I decided to make him something special.  Last year I made him a Blue Velvet Cake - compliments of Duff.  It was a show stopper.  On the outside it looked like a regular coconut cake - but the inside wowed em! 

This year not to be outdone and not having the time to make a super involved cake.  I decided to go with a rainbow layer cake that was inspired by a cake from Whisk Kid via Martha Stewart.  I figured what could be more fitting for my husband who is a big giant kid at heart.

The cake was simple to make and proved not to disappoint.  I simply made my favorite white cake recipe and divided the batter evenly into 3 bowls and added food coloring!  Believe me you'll need a lot of coloring in order to get vibrant colors.  I repeated the process again in order to get 6 perfectly even layers of cake. 

Once the cake cooled I frosted the layers with a basic buttercream recipe and crumb coated the outside of the cake.  I put the first 3 layers in the freezer to firm it up before I sandwiched the next 3 layers on top. 

I should of been more patient but with the clock hitting 10pm I wanted to go to bed.  So I didn't put the second layer in the freezer to firm up and this was a slight mistake.  The weight of the cake compressed the layers a bit more than I liked but it worked.  Next time I will freeze the layers! 

Then add a thick layer of buttercream to frost the cake--make sure you load up the frosting to give it that wow factor!  I am not a fan of frosting but this cake definitely called for it. 

I didn't add any decorations to the outside except some candles which made the cake even a bigger surprise when they cut it open!

If you don't have a lot of time but want to wow someone - go with this would be great for a kids party, coming out party, or just a fun celebration.  Enjoy!